Homemade Halloween Costumes for Women

Since the beginning of my blog, I’ve spent the majority of September and October sharing easy Halloween costume tutorials, round-ups of my favorite ideas, and decor ideas. Your girl likes Halloween, what can I say?

If you’re looking for some Halloween costume inspiration, here’s a wrap-up for you from the past few years. Just click on each photo for the full post or check out the Halloween category here for anything published after 2013.

 homemade tooth fairy costume


homemade squints costume


homemade loofah costume

homemade tootsie roll costume

homemade britney spears costume

homemade 7 deadly sins costume


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  1. I really enjoyed looking at your homemade costumes last year Rachel. Totally love the toothfairy costume for this year, super cute 🙂

  2. OMG. The fact that you were Squints from The Sandlot just makes me love you 100% more. “You’re killing me, Smalls!” is basically my go-to quote for all of life’s problems.

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